All is By My Side, John Ridley and Send My Love to Linda

John Ridley has written the script of “All is By My Side” on the premise that “Send My Love to Linda” is about Linda Keith and assumed that she had been his mentor and muse in the early days.

Sadly, the truth is much more prosaic. The only contribution that Linda made was to tell Chas Chandler about Jimi and that was about it. Jimi had already developed his style and didn’t need any input from a nineteen year old model girl. She had no influence on him after she attacked us in the Hyde Park Hotel the day after he arrived in London.
Chas moved us to a rear room and banned her from the premises.

According to Keith Richards (of all people!) he did an intervention and got her into rehab around that time.

Jimi wrote these scribbled lyrics in 1969 in Brook Street and I objected to being named.

Just then my friend Linda, Rocky Dijon’s girlfriend, came up to the flat and said she felt sick. I found her a wastepaper bin that looked a bit like a oval bucket in case she threw up and suggested to Jimi to change the lyric to “Send My Love to Linda” to cheer her up.

Over the next year Jimi obviously tried out variations of the song but nothing really came of it.

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